My most awkward and embarrassing moments keep happening in or around the elevators at my office.

I’ve dedicated this year to learning (or being aware) of something new everyday.  With that in mind, I was curious when I walked into work today and saw my co-workers,Vinnie and Bryan, talking to a man that was doing some kind of work with the elevators.

Somebody asked what he was doing and Elevator Man says “I’m checking the elevator for snakes.  Do it all the time.  Found a fake one just last week.”  I was shocked that this was his job so I asked “you really come by just to check for snakes in the elevator?”

Two things give away that you’ve just said something idiotic:

1) A gut feeling after the words come out of your mouth

2) The roaring laughter of the aforementioned co-workers and Elevator Man who, like me, couldn’t believe I had just said this out loud.

New thing learned today:  no one ever comes to your office to specifically check for snakes in the elevator.   You know you’ve wondered!  ; )