Today is the 7th and final day of my Global Food Crisis Day Challenge. You can read all about it here.

The past couple of days I’ve been reminded of the promise that when we give to others, we’re always blessed. In tangible and intangible ways. Living on $2 a day for food has meant sacrificing coffee for the week and in the greatest irony of the week my coffee of the month supply was delivered to me on the 1st day of this challenge. I took the time to sniff the box and thought of how tempting it was going to be to have that good smellin’ stuff around all week. So I decided to be part of the giving spirit we’ve been inviting you to be part of and I gave the coffee away to a couple of my co-workers. That might not seem like a big deal but that was $40 worth of coffee. It’s not cheap and you pay for it’s awesome flavor! : ) 

So yesterday I come into the office and our office manager, Roxanne, holds out a cup of coffee and asks me if I want some. I told her no because I thought she was asking me to take a sip of HER coffee and I don’t drink after anyone! Even my dear sweet Momma. Then she looked at me and she said “Shannon, this is for you. It’s your own cup of coffee!” Roxanne had made some of the coffee I gave her on Monday morning and when she realized her husband Paul wouldn’t be drinking any she poured some into a thermal cup and brought it to me so I could taste it.

That was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had for a few reasons
• it’s been six days since I had any at all!
• Roxanne’s thoughtfulness made it so sweet!
• God showed me in a tangible way that giving really comes back to you

Tomorrow, March 11th is Global Food Crisis Day. I hope you’ll be willing to give the $13 it takes to feed a child for a month. The reality is there is a global food crisis and children are starving. Today, more than 12,000 kids will die because of this crisis. Because they haven’t had a single meal in days. But you can make a difference. You giving that $13 will impact a child in a profound way. It will ensure that a child has the basic needs for survival. And our hope and prayer is that that same child will grow into a loving person like you. And return the favor to others through simple acts of kindness and love.

Your gift matters. It literally means life to a child. And you will be blessed my friend! You will be blessed!

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Here’s a video that explains the impact you can have on Global Food Crisis Day: