If you’ve just started reading my blog,  here’s an update on what this week is all about.

So this past couple of days…let’s see there’s been the kindness of new friends cooking dinner for me and there’s been sickness all day on Saturday and not having any extra money to get what I would usually go out and buy when I get sick.

Then there was this email from Kristen:

Hi Shannon – I totally dig what you are doing with the whole $14 for a weeks worth of food; however… How in the world are you coping without your coffee??? Can I donate a Starbucks card to your plight???

And my reply to such a thoughtful person:

You are so sweet!  Honestly, I’m in headache-ville as I’ve dubbed it.   It’s sad how much I rely on the stuff! I really appreciate the thought that you would donate a starbucks card to me but I think the greatest way to spend that money would be to give it toward the global food crisis.   I’ll get a LOT of coffee when this is over!!!  You help these kids and the headache is worth it!  Even $5 makes a difference!  And maybe you could spread the word to your friends about it too?  So much we can do together!!

That’s the truth of all this! You can give in so many ways. You can pray for children caught in the middle of the global food crisis, you can pray for the success of Global Food Crisis Day, you can support the cause with your money and you can send the link below to a friend and encourage them to do the same!


Thanks for all the encouragement in the middle of this week and for being open to how God would have you get involved for these precious kids!