Oh dear, someone’s brewing coffee…and the coffee pot is right outside my office door!  It smells so warm and inviting but I can’t go there. I’m having a tough time not having caffeine of any kind this week.  Products with caffeine costs too much to fit into my $2 a day challenge.   I’ve been working some pretty crazy hours for the past few months and I’ve realized this week that I had been functioning with the help of caffeine.  Totally messed up! I ’ve been SO tired since this challenge started. I ’m tired today. And ill.  And my head is hurting.

Now the whole point of this challenge is to learn something.  To become more aware of what I have and how I can give….in fact, can probably give more to help others.   Today, I’m living in the awareness that my lack of energy will only last until this challenge is over.  Millions of children who are living in poverty know no other reality than that gnawing feeling of emptiness in their precious tummies. Their moms are desperately clinging to the hope that they will have ANY food to eat today.

Wess Stafford is the President of Compassion International and he recently shared that while he was visiting with a mom in Africa he asked her what she does when the family has no food. She looked at Wess and told him that she and other moms will take any water they can find (clean or not) and boil it so they can give their kids something warm. Imagine giving your kids some warm water to make them “feel” as though they’ve had something to eat?

Yes I’m hungry and I want my caffeine. Yes, I dropped two eggs yesterday…one in the morning and another one last night. I had carefully planned what I could eat each day of the week and those eggs were my dinner last night. So I had to take from other food that had been set aside for today. I had a plan B. The 12,000 kid who will die from hunger-related diseases today had no plan B. Had no one in their village to help them because other families were suffering just the same.

The truth is…you and I are plan B for these families. Ghandi once said “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” If you want to help people see God in this lifetime…I hope and pray that you be the Christian that takes the time to help.

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