if you’re on facebook you may have already caved in and done one of these.  i’ve been enjoying reading 25 random things about other people…learning new things about people i’ve known for years.  if you’ve done this i’d love to read yours!

1. As a kid I had to go to speech therapy for a speech impediment and lisp…that’s why I don’t always sound like I’m from Alabama

2. I was a member of the Civil Air Patrol. upon realizing we were supposed to aid in recovering of plane parts and possibly people parts…I freaked and bailed.

3. I was a victim of the grunge era. All pictures from the 90s in which I was wearing doc martens and plaid have since been destroyed

4. I lived in Albuquerque years ago and I still miss that city and the friends I made there.

5. While living in Albuquerque I once took off and drove across half the state of New Mexico and was unaware that I had friends worrying about me back in the city. we didn’t have cell phones back then kids

6. when i am nostalgic, melancholy or just plain bored…driving helps me process things

7. people have told me i’m aloof and hard to get to know…i’m just particular about who i trust and who i share things with. it’s called boundaries people. 😉

8. I am passionate about children living in poverty internationally and am actively involved with the ministry of Compassion International as a child advocate and radio event coordinator.

9. i sponsor a child in the compassion program named Ronald who lives outside of Lima, Peru. he’s just turned 11 and he’s the coolest kid ever. great artist and he hopes to be a teacher someday.

10. i honesty see myself working for compassion international someday. shocking, eh? 😉

11. i can’t stand pro football but i’m a true southern girl….i love the SEC and still passionately follow the auburn tigers

12. i literally ran into tim mcgraw while in nashville a few years ago. the first thing i said when i realized i had run into him “you’re tim mcgraw.” he laughed, chatted for a few minutes and then hugged me goodbye. i smelled like tim mcgraw’s cologne all day

13. i knew i wanted to work in radio when i was 12. still have the journal entry from the day i decided.

14. i am obsessed with the office, 30 rock and 24

15. one of my most embarrassing moments involves accidentally grabbing a CCM artist’s butt because i thought he was a friend of mine. long story but everything made sense in my head until the guy turned around and i had some serious explaining to do. he was very gracious but everytime i’ve seen him since he jokingly covers his backside.

16.two of the most meaningful days of my life were spent as a liason to brennan manning. to be able to hear some of his life experience first hand and hear his advice on something i was going through at the time…it’s beyond words what that meant to me. when i dropped him off at the airport we cried and he kissed my check and told me he’d see me in heaven someday.

17. i really want a dog but having a dog i an apartment isn’t fair to the pet. so i sometimes stop by the visalia dog park and play with the dogs and hang with their owners…who are usually senior citizens who are lonely. seems like a win win!

18. the night i went to see a midnight showing of lord of the rings: return of the king i hit a bunny rabbit while driving home from the movie theatre. it was about 3:30am and i stopped on the side of the road and ended up crying over that rabbit. have i mentioned i love animals?!

19. i know he couldn’t sing too well but i still love rich mullins. that man understood connecting with people and just being real in ministry. miss him to this day

20. when i was a kid i believed anything my brother told me…including his story that my mom had a sister who ran away when my mom was little. he told me not to mention it to my mom. turns out my mom only had 4 brothers.

21. at 16 i was bitten by our family pet…a bassett hound named Buster. I required hundreds of stitches…and still get a little nervous around bassetts

22. i have a savings account that’s strictly for my future trip to italy. i have this dream of going to assisi, italy and traveling the same roads that st. francis did

23. my fake name “steele” came from trey steele who interned with me at reality radio in birmingham, al. he suggested i use his last name and it’s stuck ever since

24. despite a fear of water i went on a cruise in 2007. while on that cruise a certain friend and i went on a pirate ship excursion to an island outside of puerto vallarta and she got seasick and threw up on a man on deck. that still makes me LOL to this day.

25. i was one of the 425 people graced with salmonella poising in feb. 2007. i will NEVER eat Jif peanut butter again.