American Idol’s new season premiered tonight and I’m wondering if I was the only one who was a bit disappointed?  There were a couple of bright spots but overwhelmingly I was glad it was TIVOed so I didn’t have to spend two hours watching it in real time.

Two contestants stood out to me:

Arianna Afsar is 16 years old and lives in San Diego.  She started a program called “Adopt-A-Grandfriend”.   A while ago she visited her grandmother in a nursing home and recognized that many senior citizens who live in care facilities don’t have friends or family members coming to visit them.  Arianna started “Adopt-A-Grandfriend” to change that.

Scott McIntyre is a classical pianist who happens to be blind.  This guy is incredible and I bet one of the only ones we’ll all remember by this time next week.  Not only does he make music, but he skis…I can see and I’ve always been terrified to give skiing a try!  I loved that when the judges were giving their feedback, Kara pointed out that Scott was brave because he came in to audition without having his instrument.  If you play an instrument and sing you know it can be tough to separate the two and feel completely comfortable.  He did an incredible job and I’m excited to see how far he goes in this competition.  He definitely has talent…much more than other selected to go on to Hollywood.

Who did you like?  Comment and let me know!