Therapy.  I know so many people who think the word therapy is about as scandalous as dropping the f-bomb.  I think that attitude is fear of the unknown –fear of what they might have to face in a one hour session where they would have to come face to face with who they really are.   I know because it was my fear too

Back in November I found out that my dad was dead.  The catch is, he had been dead for close to four years.  I hadn’t seen him in ten years and to be honest I thought I had done all I needed to.  I had convinced myself that I had done the proper Christian thing and forgiven him, grieved the loss of my dad and moved on.  So, my response to finding out he was dead was unexpected –I had a bit of a breakdown.  My world fell apart within a matter of days and everything about my life was thrown into question.

My dad abused our family in many ways and at a certain point it was no longer safe to be around him.  So I worked on letting go.  But the truth is, there is nothing that can ever take the place or fill the void when your dad (or anyone you love) decides to forego the role they were designed to hold in your life.   You exist but don’t thrive.  You can’t move on until you admit you are deeply wounded and can’t fix it on your own.

My therapist is a God send.  A man who holds me accountable by simply holding up a mirror so I can see how I’ve been living and what I need to change.  Changing is tough but when we are truly open to God and willing to work through the wounds of the past an incredible thing happens.  You learn how to really live.

I have never been more aware of God’s love for me than i am now.  I see it in the timing of how all of these major events have happened in my life.  I see it in the beauty and pain of my existence.  I see it because I’m allowing Him to work in me and hopefully through me. 

God tells us that we are to “above all else” guard our heart.  I used to think of that as selfishness…taking care of myself first.   But the truth is,  if we really want to love one another and live a life that reflects a genuine love of God and others, we have to guard our hearts.  We have to protect the beauty of what He’s created us to be so we can pour it into others in due time.

Whatever your story is, whatever you’ve faced in life…let me encourage you to ignore any kind of stigma that the church or any person you know may have attached to the idea of therapy.    God has created you with dignity and worth and facing whatever has caused you pain or fear will set you free.