A friend of mine has turned me on to a new show on Animal Planet called Escape to Chimp Eden.   The show follows Eugene Cussons journey to rescue abused and mistreated chimpanzees. Cussons has dedicated his life to rescuing chimps because as he says, he was looking to become part of something bigger than himself.  I’ve enjoyed watching this show, especially an episode in which Cussons taught a chimp named Cozi to climb a tree for the very first time.  The chimp had always been caged and had never felt that freedom. It was quite a moving moment.

The more I think about this show the more I think about our attitude toward pets rather than kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and believe that they are God’s creatures and should be protected.   But I wonder if it’s easier for all of us to address the abuse of animals than it is to address and do something about the abuse and mistreatment of children around the world. As Americans we spent close to $40 billion on our pets in 2007. We love our pets and easily spend money to give them what they need. But when those commercials come on TV showing kids hurting and abused all over the world, we turn the channel and move on.

Pets are precious but kids are priceless and all too often they are viewed as second rate citizens.  Children seem to always get lost in the middle of an adult world. Whether its in the middle of wars or homes where angry parents make a child pay for their rage.
Where kids are concerned, our priorities need to change.  Simple things like not ignoring them when they walk into a room.  And making sure that we take advantage of opportunities to give children what they need…emotional, physical and spiritual support.  Years ago I realized that I had to change my heart and mind as it pertained to kids.   I had to do something to make a difference.  That’s why I sponsor a child through Compassion International.  I know that my monthly sponsorship does more than provide meals and education.

My support reminds a little boy in Peru that he is a priority and he does not have to live the way his parents and grandparents lived.  That he is more important than any animal on this planet because he is a human being created with dignity and worth.  That there is hope for the future and he is a valued member of society.

That’s a message every child in this world needs.  Whether they live next door or on the other side of the world.

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