If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to hear about anyone suffering…especially the innocent.  That’s one reason I’m so passionate about the ministry of Compassion International.  We live in a broken world and I think any chance we’re given to heal and help heal…is a gift from God.

I’ve been thinking a lot about injustice over the past year.  One man and his experience is a great reminder that the lack of justice is a reality every day.  If you have not heard about Eric Volz and his story…you should read about it.  This is a man who is passionate about people and went to Nicaraugra to create a better life for himself and others.  He ended up in prison– falsely accused of killing a former girlfriend.  He was finally released this past December…but Eric suffered and went through things that I imagine could break any human being.   Through it all his faith remained in tact and I believe Eric is an inspiration.  

It’s been three months since Eric came home but he still needs our prayers and support.  Not only for himself but for justice for Doriz Jimenez.  Eric’s Website